Should we have a Wedding Gift List?

Should we have a Wedding Gift List? The Age old question…

Wedding lists are outdated”, “We already live together”, “We don’t want the hassle of a Wedding list” – Some of the things your thinking when deciding whether or not to have a wedding gift list?

Should we have a wedding list

Yes, traditionally a wedding list was the only option brides and grooms but times have changed (a lot!) since 1971 when the average age of a bride was 21 (yikes!). Over the past decade there has been a surge in couples asking for cash gifts due to changing lifestyles. However some guests haven’t adjusted and can still feel very awkward when asked for cash gifts (even if they are asked with a cute poem).

Some guests prefer to give the married couple to be a tangible present (we often find this is the case with guests in the 50+ age bracket). So whether you have a wedding gift list or not the chances of you ending up with presents are pretty high. So maybe it’s better to choose what you want, rather than end up with 3 toasters, 4 sets of personalized champagne flutes and a cat tooth brush holder that will never see the light of day (Thanks Aunt Margaret!).

Cat Tooth Brush Holder

Over the past couple of years we have seen a huge trend  in “Luxe” Wedding lists – the new Mr & Mrs are not wanting your bog standard staple items anymore. You can say goodbye to boring bed linen and drab towels. Companies like ourselves offer the opportunity to add TV’s, large appliances and high end cookware to your specialized list.

So in answer to your previous possible thoughts…

Maybe some basic wedding lists are outdated, but our wedding list certainly isn’t. We offer an extensive range of white goods, tableware and electrical goods to suit all tastes and budgets (our dedicated blog post “Why Pick Us?” has all the information you need to know about our wedding gift service).

Why Pick Us

Maybe you do already live together but you’re in need of an upgrade? The mismatched plates and IKEA cookware just aren’t cutting it after 5 years together, one house move and a job promotion later.

Maybe you don’t want the hassle of a wedding list, but what if there isn’t any hassle? We specialize in Wedding lists and we aim to make the process super easy! Just have a look at our testimonials to hear what our past brides and grooms think about us.

So now that we’ve removed any doubt from your mind that having a wedding gift list is the way forward, we’ll let you get back to Pinterest  😉

Wedding Pin Meme