Supplier Sit Down (Barbara McKeown-Howe)

Welcome to our second installment of Supplier Sit Down, where we have a chat with the best wedding suppliers Northern Ireland has to offer. This week it is the fabulous Barbara McKeown-Howe’s turn – Fairy Tales Wedding & Event Specialists.


Tell us a little about yourself & your business…

Amazingly after 13 years in business I still adore what I do but at the start of every year I  am petrified about how were going to get there! lol… but we always do! I have an amazing team who also adore what they do.

barb 5

What are your top 3 tips?

1. Pen & Paper

Put a pen and paper beside your bed, all the best ideas usually come in the middle of the night then you spend the next few hours going over and over them in your head and then realize you’ve forgotten your ideas by morning time.

2. Have Perspective 

Your Wedding is the biggest and most important thing going on in your life but it isn’t in everyone else’s. So don’t go crazy if your bridesmaids can’t take a full week off work to go with you for hair trials.barb


3. Think like a guest  

When planning your big day imagine being a guest at your own wedding. Keeping in mind what you would want to see, hear & feel as a guest is a great way to plan a super day.

Are there any trends that couples should be paying attention to for 2017?

To be honest it really is about the style of the couple, some like things a little more traditional, some a little more lavish. But everyone just wants a beautiful day- louis chairs, charger plates, our amazing flower walls and beautiful draping are so on trend for 2017-18 brides.


Any general advice for brides and grooms to be?

Just enjoy the process. How lucky are you to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? That’s just amazing! Also trust your own judgement, everyone will have their own opinion but remember it’s your wedding.


That’s all from our Supplier Sit Down this week, make sure to check Barbara and her work out on Facebook, Twitter and her website.