Supplier Sit Down – Ryan & Patrick Design

Ready for another installment of Supplier Sit down?

This week we welcome “Ryan Patrick Design” to our blog (p.s they are one of the nicest suppliers we’ve had the opportunity to work with so far!)

Tell us a little about yourself & your business…

Myself and my partner Patrick (now husband :-)) started our business a few years ago. We both had a real passion for design, art, and loved making things! Patrick’s strengths lay in the digital side whereas I found I loved all things “make and do”! (I was an avid childhood Art Attack fan!)


I was creating cards and invites as a hobby but once I met Patrick we knew this could be made into something a bit special! And Ryan Patrick Design was born, or RP Design for short!


We set out with a clear goal of creating affordable gorgeous stationery that would turn heads. Something that would get people excited about attending the couples wedding. We wanted to be budget friendly, but don’t get me wrong we have created invites spanning from a couple of pounds to a lot lot higher, but we really believe its up to each couple what they want to spend!IMG_2924


We know all too often that people think weddings, and think start adding zeros, we don’t work like that, we work backwards, you tell us what you want to spend and we will design to suit that, always making us great value for money. We also both come from customer service backgrounds and its extremely important to us, we hate faceless impersonal transactions, at the end of the day people are spending a lot of money, so a friendly approachable atmosphere is what we try to achieve here at Ryan Patrick Design! We worked from home for a few years, but now with our store open 3 years this year we are looking to the future, expanding and creating loads more beautiful bespoke items!IMG_2248

What are your top 3 FAQ’s?

This is a funny one!

The most commonly asked question we receive is “How much are your invites?”

The answer being – whatever you want to spend! Everyone has different appreciations of stationery so we tailor our service, packages and prices to suit each couple. Price can vary a lot depending on the quantity ordered for example the amount of invites needed and extra “on the day” stationery.

“Ive seen something online I love can you recreate it?”

The answer is yes we can BUT we don’t copy other stationery we take inspiration and we can therefore create stationery in the same theme and style, and ultimately make it unique for you (not just a carbon copy of someone else’s). Each piece is special and totally your own!IMG_0326

“When do I need to book?”

We would always recommend at least one year in advance to secure your date! Our business has grown massively in the last few years and so has the demand, so we always recommend saving your wedding date with us with a small deposit! We would never expect you to pick and choose stationery at this point, so we always work with you closer to the big day on designs, but securing your date, especially at high season times, is key, we hate to disappoint, and as everything is handmade we have to carefully organise construction slots to allow us to keep the high standard and quality that we believe is key to our business!IMG_0673

Are there any trends in that couples should be paying attention to for 2017?

Greenery and florals are making a huge impact this year! They seem to be everywhere, not to be confused with the vintage rustic trend, its more fresh and clean, whites, simple invites with delicate floral print details and ribbon etc. Last year glitter was a HUGE thing but we still have a lot of requests for the bling!IMG_2043

Any general advice for brides and grooms to be?

Don’t stress, I know this is like asking for the sun not to shine, but honestly its not worth it, try and remember that its about getting married, people are not going to notice an apostrophe missing in an order of service, or that you spent 8 weeks tying twine around jars! It can be an amazing day just take it all in your stride! I would have been a hyper guy before I got married, but you just have to get to a point when you realize that it will all come together in the end! For most it’s the largest event they will EVER organize, so breath! Take advice from others, but do remember its your wedding, everyone gets their big day so if you want it go for it! And think of the things people will remember, the food, the craic, and the atmosphere! As cheesy as it is weddings are about celebrating and wanting to spend your life with your significant other, but of course you can have nice touches, especially stationery lol! But at the end of the day its all about love, friends and family!



That’s all from Ryan Patrick Design but you can catch them on Facebook and on their website if you want to enjoy some more of their beautiful work!