Wedding Planning Tips

Here’s our top 3 recommendations for any bride or groom planning a wedding in Northern Ireland…

Get Organised

Whether you’re a pen and paper kind of gal or an excel spreadsheet fiend you’ll need a way to keep track of deposits, appointments and guests (any excuse to shop for stationary is OK in our book). Your options are endless from actual Wedding Planners like this one on Amazon to the age old Filofax, which you could customize to suit yourself (Etsy has some fab dividers and stickers, if you want to spice up your planner). If you’re looking to go all out and have a one of a kind planner you might want to consider an Erin Condren planner (the company is based in America but they do ship internationally to the UK) it is a pricey alternative but did you see the rose gold option 😯 ?

Erin Condren

Monthly spreads as well as separate tabs for cake, venue, flowers, etc. will help to ensure everything is kept in the right place making your planning much easier from the word go. If you’re good with excel and already have it on your computer or laptop this is probably the most budget friendly approach. It’ll also be easier to edit (when budgets are altered and guest lists are changed) and more efficient to work with due to the formulas you can input to calculate totals and percentages. There’s loads of help out there on the World Wide Web for any Microsoft Excel queries you might have so even as a beginner you’ll be fine. As always with anything computer related always keep a back up copy, whether it’s on a USB stick or cloud storage.

Most importantly whether you decide to use the paper planner or excel method (or a mixture of both) splitting your wedding planning up bit by bit will help to prevent yourself getting overwhelmed and this is probably the most important tip (especially if you plan on doing some DIY projects fro your wedding). If there are supplier’s you want, book them FAST. Good suppliers will always be in high demand.

Also think of what is most important to you and your partner, maybe it’s the date, location, venue, food, THE DRESS or a particular supplier. This will set the tone for your wedding, so once you have this booked it’ll be easier to plan the rest of your of your wedding around this.

Get Online

Northern Ireland used to really lag behind the rest of the UK but over the past few years the wedding industry here has really upped its game (lucky you). We don’t have to rely on solely wedding magazines anymore, there’s some great wedding blogs specifically for Northern Irish brides – One Fab Day and Promise NI (and of course ours ;-)) which have great articles about all things wedding related.

To get more of a feel for the suppliers you might hire it’s best to follow them on social media as well as read other honest reviews (and also take on board word of mouth). Local wedding photographers’ blogs such as We are the lou’s, Ten21 Photography, Epic Love Photography and Gather and Tides will give you insights into how local venues can be styled to give you some inspiration. It’s always nice to see what others have done and what possibilities you can have with different venues. Treat their blogs like a local Pinterest (more on this later).

Ever popular wedding highlight videos also provide great inspiration, you might want to have a look at the blogs of Catch Cinematography, Shutter & Light, Pig Mint Films, which are just a few examples of the amazing videographers we have available right on our door step.

Get Apps

Pinterest – The Mecca of wedding inspiration! If you haven’t heard of it, which we don’t know how you haven’t, you need to get it NOW! Type ANY wedding related query into Pinterest and up will pop some great ideas of things you could incorporate into your wedding (please note we are not responsible for your Pinterest addiction or the extra money you will spend because of it). Not only that you can pin all your ideas to a virtual board (which can be put on private so no nosey friends or family can have a peak) you can also share your boards with your suppliers to express your ideas.

Vintage tea party wedding theme:


Green Bridesmaid dresses:


Great Gatsby wedding theme:

great gatsby

Countdown Apps – There’s nothing like a little timing pressure to get you motivated. Having a countdown app not only gives you a little excitement as you get to count down the days until you say “I Do” but they are also multi functional in that they will help stop the inevitable wedding procrastination.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks your planning will go smoothly…or as smoothly as it can go when it comes to a wedding. So keep calm and keep planning.